60+ Best Photography Status – Famous Photography Quotes

Photography is simple the process of taking a photograph. Photography is a great process of preserving history. Photographs, the product of photography is an amazing thing that bring back some good memories of the past. We relive the past with the photographs that were taken during those events. Photography is very important because it keeps… Read More »

35+ Happy Onam Status for Whatsapp – Best Onam Wishes

Today we are sharing Statues, Quotes & wishes of most famous festival of Kerala, India which Kerala peoples celebrates by the name of Onam.  Onam festival is started in the month of (Malayalam) September from (Uthradom) Onam Eve, Peoples from Kerala celebrate this festival  for the memorial of Vamana Avatara of vishnu and celebrate to… Read More »

70+ Hiking Status for Whatsapp – Famous Hiking Quotes

Hiking in the simplest form of definition is a recreational walk. Hiking is a form of walk in which the journey is much important than the destination. There are different ways hiking can be carried out, it can a three week walk through the mountain or just the normal walk around the neighborhood. Hiking can… Read More »

80+ Party Status for Whatsapp – Famous Party Quotes

Partying is an act of making merry. We party when we are celebrating something good that happened to us or someone can host a party in celebration of his or her birthday, promotion at the place of work, achieving new height or celebrating marital life. The reasons for hosting a party are just much, it… Read More »

40+ Best Prayer Status – Famous Prayers Quotes

Prayer is a communication means of talking to God. All the religions in the world offer prayers. For Christians, prayer is a means pf connecting to heaven. Since communication is a two way thing, prayers provides an avenue where worshippers discuss and interact with God. Prayer is a means through which we talk to God… Read More »