150+ Perfect Relationship Status for Whatsapp – Best Relationship Messages

Relationship is a word that is used to describe the affection that is shared between people. A relationship can be of different forms, it can be a social, romantic, family or business relationship. In a romantic relationship, it is a show of an individual connection to another. Emotions are always involved in a romantic relationship. As humans, we have the nature urge to form a connection with each other either by normal communication or through a non-verbal means. Romantic relationship is an expression of romantic affection or the strong and deep desires of an individual to connect with another especially the opposite gender.

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

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50 Most Latest Relationship Status for Whatsapp – Famous Relationship Quotes

1.-) People who respond to the emoticons are the ones who care for the relationship most.

2.-) Never tell your friends all what goes on with your relationship. That should be between you and that person only.

3.-) Relationships would be easier if people came with a CLEAR HISTORY button.

4.-) We’ll do what we gotta do, see what we gotta see, and if in the end we end up together, then we’ll know it was meant to be.

  • 5.-) The man of your dreams could be standing right in front of you.
  • 6.-) Three rules in a relationship… Don’t lie, don’t cheat and don’t make promised you can’t keep..
  • 7.-) I wish you could hear all the words I’m too afraid to say.
  • 8.-) Relationship Status: Your message was successfully sent… and ignored.

9.-) You’re my motivation, you’re my inspiration, you’re my present, you’re my future, you’re my best friend, you’re my lover, like you there’s no other! I Love you!

10.-) It’s amazing how even after only a short period of time… You feel like you’ve known someone your whole life.

11.-) If your asking if I need you the answer is forever. If your asking if ill leave you the answer is never. If your asking if I love you, I do.

12.-) A Perfecft Relationship Is when You Fight Like A Married Couple Talk Like Best Frnd

13.-) I believe that you and me, we could be so happy and free in a world of misery.

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

14.-) No relationship is perfect. You just have to know in your heart of hearts that the person you are with is truly worth fighting for no matter what.

15.-) You seem like a sweet person. Mind if I lick you to find out?

16.-) The hardest part is being around him knowing you can’t have him and he’ll never want you.

17.-) Don’t push your relationship with a person too hard, if its meant to be then it will happen.

18.-) There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know, but have to learn, people we love, but have to let go of.

19.-) EGO is the only thing that needs no reason to destroy relationships… so skip the E and let it GO…!

20.-) I will never say I regret u or I wish I never met u. Coz once upon a time, u were exactly what I wanted 😉

21.-) Men fall in love by what they see, women fall in love by what they hear. That is why women wear make-up, and that is why men lie.

22.-) Even a big pot full of water can be emptied by a small hole so a little anger or ego can burn up all the nobility of a good relation be good with everyone.

23.-) Relationships should have the determination on like SANDAL WOOD…which never loses its fragrance even if its broken into thousands pieces..!!

  • 24.-) I look at him as a friend, then I realized I loved him.
  • 25.-) Don’t let someone get in between your relationship. It’s based on two hearts not three.
  • 26.-) Sometimes you have to realise that some people will always stay in your heart but not in your life.
  • 27.-) you start losing your valuable relation…!!!

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28.-) It’s just hard to think I’ll never get the chance to say you’re mine.

29.-) I want a cute, long relationship where everyone is like “damn, they’re still together?”

30.-) I sit here and wonder if you’ll ever understand just how much of me belongs to you.

31.-) I may hate myself in the morning But I’m gonna love you tonight.

32.-) The Moment of Truth: When you decide if your going to hang on, or if your going to just be done with everything and move on.

33.-) Some relationships are like Tom and Jerry: they chase each other, tease each other, and knock heather over, but can’t live without one another <3

34.-) A strong relationship starts with two brave people who are ready to sacrifice anything for one another…

35.-) To love without condition, to talk without intention, listen without judging, to give without reason and to care without expectation. – art of true relationship

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

36.-) my relationship status is no longer “Single” but “Independently Owned & Operated” :)~

37.-) Sometimes I wonder what you think of me or if you do at all.

38.-) The difference between friendship and love is how much you can hurt each other.

39.-) Don’t be mad because I don’t give a f*ck, be mad because I once did and you were too blind to see.

40.-) Trust is the biggest form of human relationships, it might take a life time to earn and a second to loose.

Top 10 Status on Relationship

41.-) Date someone because you already see a future, not because you want to see if you would work out.

42.-) It’s hard not to love someone when he’s all you ever think about.

43.-) Don’t take your relationship for granted .. u never know, someone somewhere must be dying to take your place.

44.-) My gum lasts longer than new age Facebook relationships.

45.-) It’s Better To Bend A Little Rather Than To Break A relationship Forever!

46.-) People say love is blind, but their wrong. Love is crystal clear. Love is seeing something in that person that no-one else can <3

47.-) Relationships are like a Book. It takes years to write but second to burn.

48.-) Dear 4th Grader, Your relationship status is “It’s complicated”..what’d he do? Take your animal crackers?

49.-) You can’t just cling on to something because it’s familiar.

50.-) If you are in a relationship. Flirting is CHEATING.

40 Cute Relationship Status – Best Relationship Messages

51.-) I don’t know which is worse, loving someone knowing its going to cause you pain or being in pain because you can’t love someone.

52.-) i love you for who you were yesterday, i love you for who you are today, and i will love you for who you will be tomorrow.

53.-) To love is nothing, to be loved is something. To love and be loved in return is everything.

54.-) Relations are not exams so y cheat 🙁

55.-) A final “FULL STOP” is Much better than those Painful “SEMI COLONS” in a Relationship..!!

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

56.-) Learn The Wisdom Of Compromise.

  • 57.-) sometimes you forgive people just for the simple fact that you still want them to be in your life.
  • 58.-) Sometimes people decide to be just friends, even if their feeling is mutual.
  • 59.-) If you want a long term relationship. Follow the simple rule Never Lie…
  • 60.-) an EX is called an EX because that’s an EXample of an EXtreme waste of time(:

61.-) Someone asked me,”Are you Single?” I said, “NO, I am in a relationship with FREEDOM.”

62.-) The Most Powerful Words In Relationships>> It’s Not “I LOVE U” Not “I AM WITH U” Not “I WOULD DIE 4 U” It’s Simply “I CAN UNDERSTAND U”.

63.-) I want a relationship where everyone is like: “Damn, they’re still together?”

64.-) Relationships are made BY Heart NOT by force.

65.-) The right guy will tell you you’re BEAUTIFUL even when you truly look a mess…and will find your WEIRD habits absolutely adorable…

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66.-) “The purpose of relationship is not to have someone who makes u complete…!

67.-) Relationships are for honest people, if you’re not honest, you don’t belong in any relationship !!!

68.-) I never found the words to say, you’re the one I think about each day.

69.-) Sometime you forgive people simply because you still want them in your life

70.-) I can’t remember exactly when I fell in love with you, but I do know it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, baby! <3

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

71.-) Third person never creates misunderstanding between two people, but misunderstanding between two people create space for third person!!!!

72.-) wants that special one to know that even though we cant be together at this point in time, you are still the only one for me, you are always on my mind.<3 <3 <3

  • 73.-) Flirtationship: More than a friendship and less than a relationship.
  • 74.-) better to be alone without someone, than to be alone with someone
  • 75.-) Some relationships are undefined….

76.-) I love him but I cannot show it, want him but he cannot know it, need him but I know it’ll never be, if only he needed me.

77.-) I wonder how many times we forgive just because we don’t want to lose someone. Even if they don’t deserve forgiveness..:))

78.-) The unexpected is always the best thing ever. And when it is right, it is right. Doesn’t matter the time or situation. It’s just right!

79.-) Family accepts your faults, understands your concerns (whether they agree with them or not), respects you for who you are and doesn’t shut you out.

80.-) I’d rather hear a guy say, “I made plans for us” instead of the usual, “I dunno, it’s whatever you wanna do.”

81.-) if things are meant to be they will find a way of happening, if they aren’t happening then you haven’t found who you are meant to be with.

82.-) A REAL MAN doesn’t love 1,000 different women. A REAL MAN loves ONE woman 1,000 different ways 🙂

83.-) Starting A relationship is easy but the part where everyone stumbles Is sustaining it.

84.-) We are afraid to care to much, for fear that the other person does not care at all.

85.-) It’s not telling you how I feel that scares me it’s what you’ll say back.

86.-) “If you carry old bricks from your past relationship to your new one, you will build the same house that fell apart before.”

87.-) relationships may end, people may leave your life or come back eventually but love is one thing that will always be true even in the end…

88.-) A relationship is like sand in your hand. Hold loosely with respect its stays, but when you close your hand and become possessive, it slips through ur fingers.

89.-) Never long for anyone from the past. There is a reason why they never made it to your future.

90.-) I’d rather be your lover then your friend, but I’d rather be your friend then your nobody.

60 Most Romantic Relationship Status for Facebook & Whatsapp

91.-) Don’t expect to find the right person if you aren’t willing to let the wrong one go.

92.-) The most important ingredient we can put into any relationship is “Trust” because without it you have a recipe for failure.

93.-) If you love two people choose the second, because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t love the second.

94.-) Sometimes people don’t change, their priorities do and you just stop being as important.

95.-) Hurting someone with the truth is better than killing them with a lie.

96.-) When you miss me just look up to the night sky and remember, I’m like a star; sometimes you can’t see me, but I’m always there.

97.-) That relation is the best one, in which Yesterday’s fights do not stop Today’s love.

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

98.-) Look into my eyes for one moment, and then you will realize how much you mean to me.

  • 99.-) Once U Loose Someone,Its Never Exactly The Same Person Who Comes Back…
  • 100.-) Before I met you I never knew what it was like to look at someone and smile for no reason.
  • 101.-) I play the same song, over and over cause it reminds me of you.
  • 102.-) Do I really love him or am I addicted to the pain of wanting something I can’t have.
  • 103.-) Cuddling in bed and falling asleep together is probably the best feeling in a relationship!!!

104.-) May be you will never know, May be I will never show.

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105.-) Some doors are meant to be closed and when you try to reopen them, you remember why you closed them..

106.-) No one can accuse you of falling in love with the wrong person if inside you know he is the one.

107.-) When i first met you i was afraid to like you, when I liked you I was afraid to love you, now that I love you I’m afraid to lose you.

108.-) I have done everything, tried everything and given everything I have. If you can’t decide what you want maybe that’s the answer? Remember, once I go, I’m gone..

109.-) You are my everything, the air I breathe, my dreams at night, and the only one I Can’t live without. I love you and I Can’t imagine life without you. <3

110.-) Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

111.-) I never knew it would be this hard to lose someone I never truly had.

112.-) A relationship doesn’t need any promises, terms or conditions, it just need to wonderful people One who can trust and One who can understand.

113.-) I want a person to come into my life by accident & stay on purpose.

114.-) Relationship never dies a natural death… They are murdered by ego, Attitude and ignorance..

115.-) when i see you my heart skips a beat, and i think to myself my heart smiles the most when I’m with you! just want you to know, you mean the world to me:)

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

116.-) Never get too attached to anyone unless they also feel the same towards you, because one-sided expectations can mentally destroy you.

  • 117.-) Don’t get too possessive with someone u don’t even own. It’s a side-effect of loving too much & receiving too little.
  • 118.-) When you thought I was in love with him, you were so wrong, baby, I was loving you.
  • 119.-) Lets be lovers tonight, and go back to being best friends tomorrow.
  • 120.-) Best Relationship is…. When You Can Act Like Lovers And Best Friends At The Same Time.
  • 121.-) Don’t be in relationship if you are going to act single

122.-) I may love but that doesn’t mean I trust. I may listen but that doesn’t mean I believe. And I may kiss but that doesn’t mean my walls aren’t up.

123.-) Whatever the situation may be.. Don’t ever be cold to someone u care about.. Indifference and unanswerable question hurts more… than angry words..

124.-) Me & __________ make a cute couple. Comment who you think should be in that blank (;

125.-) a 3rd person never creates misunderstanding between 2 people, but misunderstandings between 2 people create space for a 3rd person

126.-) how come we want what we can’t have, yet the ones that have it don’t appreciate what they’ve got..?

127.-) When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and no one can ever tear them apart

128.-) No matter how bad we argue or how many disagreements we have, it will never change how much I love you; unconditional love! <3

129.-) For someone who is suppose to be “just friends” why do I always get butterflies in my stomach when you smile at me.

130.-) Relationship cycle: Strangers – Friends – Close Friends – Crush – Relationship – Heartbroken – Strangers.

131.-) The most ironic thing of all is, I think this will be the most difficult breakup I ever go through, and we never even went out.

132.-) it was hard enough trying to find someone special.. and you came .. became my friend.. got to know me.. and we realized we shouldn’t let something good get away

133.-) I am who I am – faults, passions, abilities, mischievousness, soft and gentle, playful and naughty, good and bad. I am me. Love me as I am, I am an original!

134.-) Relationships aren’t easy, they take hard work from both people, equal amount of giving and taking, respect and compromise.

135.-) I am truly amazed that in the last year, we’ve went from “just friends” to Best Friends to the fact that you are that someone I don’t want to live without.

136.-) Learn to let go. If a relationship is over let it be over. No time outs and no second chances.

137.-) But to have someone with whom u can share your incompleteness.

138.-) men are like BLUETOOTH connection – when UR beside them they stay connected but when you are away they search for new devices. HAHAHA

139.-) Perfect relationship is not that you never get angry, upset or irritated with each other, Its how fast you resolve and bounce back to normal

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

140.-) One day you’ll miss me like I missed you-You’ll cry for me like I cried for you-You’ll need me like I needed you-You’ll love me but I won’t LOVE YOU!

141.-) You can say I don’t matter to you but I’m not the one calling every night, that’s you.

142.-) I never knew I could love someone so much until the day I met you.. Baby you are my world. <3 Always. I give you my heart. Keep it forever 🙂

143.-) doesn’t need to wish on stars because everything in this moment is perfect.

144.-) Even now after all this time, you called me and wanted me I’d say “yes! It’s about time what took you so damn long!”.

145.-) At some point you have to decide what you want before what you think you might want is no longer an option!

146.-) I wonder if you think of me half as much as I think about you.

147.-) When Nails are Growing, We Cut our Nails, Not Fingers… similarly, When Ego Start Rising, we should cut Ego, Not Relations

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148.-) You are responsible for your own happiness. If you expect others to make you happy, you will always be disappointed.

149.-) Hanging on to someone who isn’t adding value to your life isn’t loyalty, that’s stupidity.

150.-) The day I met you, was the day the missing pieces of the puzzle all came in place. <3

Top Class Short & Long Relationship Status for Whatsapp – Best Relationship Quotes

151.-) It is tearing me up on the inside to have these feelings for you, but I can’t get rid of them.

152.-) Communication is the lifeline of any relation. when you stop communicating

153.-) has discovered that sometimes it’s best to leave some people in the past.

154.-) If couples in love are called ‘Love Birds’, I bet a couple who’ve fought with each other must be called ‘Angry Birds’ 😀

  • 155.-) Everyone’s known someone that they just can’t help but want.
  • 156.-) Who better to share your dreams with than the person you dream about?
  • 157.-) Any Great relationship is based on two important things. First is to find out the similarities, n second is to respect the differences.

158.-) Sometimes the one love you can’t get over is the one love you never really had.

159.-) Don’t mistake my silence for ignorance; don’t mistake my calmness for acceptance. And most of all, don’t mistake my love for you as weakness.

160.-) Don’t push it hard, if its meant to be, it’ll happen.

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

Relationship Status for Whatsapp

161.-) You get what you give. If you don’t like what you’re getting, then look at what you are giving. It is often those who give little that want the most.

162.-) says :- to love is a Duty, to be Loved is a Success, to be with someone you Love is Achievement, to be with someone who Love you is Life.

163.-) You are my best friend and lover…you make me laugh and smile, you make my heart skip, you make me feel protected and comforted … i love you!

164.-) Never Lose Yourself trying to Hold On to someone who doesn’t care about Losing You.

165.-) She loves him more then he would ever know, he love’s her more than he would ever show.

166.-) says everyone has someone in their life that keeps them looking forward to another day 🙂

167.-) If I open up to you, then you’re probably pretty damn special.

168.-) believes that as parents, our first responsibility is the safety and well-being of our children…everything, and everyone else are secondary.

169.-) wonders, if a couple were to trade their Facebook accounts and cellphones for 24 hours, how many of them would still be together?

170.-) EVERY relationship is temporary u never know when u will die or some one leaves u without a reason

171.-) I’ve had a few crush’s so I have a lot of these ones!

172.-) do you ever get tired of waiting on karma to do its job and just want to help it along a little?

173.-) I may not be your first, and I may not be your last, but I’ll make sure that I’m the best that you’ve ever had…

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