60+ Heartbroken Status for Whatsapp – Best Broken Heart Messages

Being heartbroken feels like having a crack within your heart. There are so many causes of heartbreak, it can be a result of the death of someone that is close to you, and it can also be as a result of being dumped by someone you love like your boyfriend or your girlfriend. Heartbreak comes with an intense distress and sorrow. As human we try as much as we can not to be heartbroken, because the pain that it brings is not something that we wish to face. As much as we can, we should try avoiding the reason behind the heartbreak of someone else.

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Newest Heartbroken Status for Whatsapp – Best Heartbroken Messages 

1.-) Whats the point in liking someone who u don’t have a chance with? all you’re doing is hurting your self!

2.-) I wish you knew how long I dream about how perfect a couple we would be, and how much I wish that you would make my dream come true and be my everything.

3.-) I love you but you don’t know and now your off dating a hoe

4.-) It’s never a straight answer with you, huh?

5.-) If you didn’t mean it Then why the hell did you say it in the first place???

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6.-) If we both like each other than what are we waiting for?

7.-) Never let yourself get your hopes up and get butterflies at the same time because if your hopes get crushed so do your butterflies and then u just feel sick!

8.-) I fell for you when I knew I never had a real chance & now my heart is broken! All I can say is, maybe next time I will know not to fall so fast!

  • 9.-) Once I hit the ground after falling for you.. when I get back up I am walking away from the pain you gave me by leading me on and letting me go..
  • 10.-) You keep sending me mixed signals. You pull me in with one hand and at the same time push me away with the other hand…What do you want??
  • 11.-) Who u see on the outside is not who i am on the inside, I’m different to who u see, give me a chance that’s all i ask, i don’t ask for much, just 4 u in my life

12.-) I know i would get hurt by you but i fell anyway

13.-) Some times i think of you. but people are telling me to move on. but they don’t know you like I do. they will never understand.

14.-) Love is like flowers…first its great but then its dies…

15.-) You think saying sorry is going to change anything ?

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16.-) Sooo sick and tired of this!!! You can act like you like me then say one thing that makes me realize you really don’t!! Why?! Just tell me why…

17.-) My biggest mistake was dumping you when i still loved you. but your biggest mistake was watching me go when you still loved me.

18.-) You liked me I liked you. What happened between us. I need you in my life.

19.-) If I had a time machine to go back in time! I would make you mine all over again 🙂

  • 20.-) Seeing you with her just breaks my heart..
  • 21.-) I want to talk to you! just you, no one else! I wanna love you and no one else.
  • 22.-) I own you in my dream, but she owns you in reality.

23.-) You knew how i felt, yet you still continued to talk to me as if you felt the same…thanks for stringing me along and breaking my heart even more

24.-) Everything ain’t okay. yes it hurts like hell but I’m gonna make it through it on my own without you.

25.-) If you really loved me then you would’ve been here when i needed you the most.

26.-) I was better off not knowing , how you really feel about me

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27.-) I wish I would’ve known we had 2 different definitions of forever, I wouldn’t have given you my heart

28.-) Do you miss everything we had? I can’t be the only one who does..

29.-) I liked you. I thought you liked me. Turns out you didn’t, and I’m just hanging out here wondering what happened. I still like you though, not that it matters.

30.-) Out of all my on line friends all I want to do, is talk to you. But you don’t want to talk to me. I’m annoying you, i know. But do you see how much I LOVE you<3

31.-) The girl who seemed unbreakable BROKE the girl who seemed strong CRUMBLED the girl who always smiled Cried the girl who never gave up JUST QUIT TRYING!

Heartbroken Status for Whatsapp

Heartbroken Status for Whatsapp

32.-) How can we go to talking every day, then cuz of 1 stupid thing i said it all ends

33.-) I liked you. I thought you liked me. Turns out you didn’t, and I’m just hanging out here wondering what happened. I still like you though, not that it matters.

34.-) Absolutely heartbroken and crushed but trying my best to cope. On to the next chapter of this crazy thing I call my life

35.-) I never really understood what i saw in you , just that you attracted me like no other and now I’m fighting back tears that remind me of the old days

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36.-) Life is too short to spend it falling for someone who wont catch you. gotta learn to get over it

37.-) When i see you i wanna cry! you want me to forget what happened you want me to forget that we kissed! I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU SO WHY DO I LOVE YOU SO MUCH?

38.-) Its funny how you don’t care through everything we’ve been through and I’ve been there for you and still you walk away.

  • 39.-) All this time I was wasting, Hoping you would come around.
  • 40.-) Boy, you stole my heart and then ran away.
  • 41.-) When i fell i honestly thought you would catch me… i was a fool.
  • 42.-) You said we could still be friends. But what happened,you won’t talk to me anymore.

43.-) Don’t cry over a guy, let a guy cry over you. Because girls give & forgive. But guys get & forget.

44.-) If you don’t like someone, don’t act like you do and lead them on and make them fall for you and then hurt that person. it really is as simple as that!

45.-) It hurts wen people walk into ur life and make you happy and then walk out and leave u hurting . truth..

46.-) You think saying sorry is going to change anything??

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47.-) Can you like… put some shades on or something? I hate looking into those gorgeous eyes, and knowing they’re for someone else to look into

48.-) Don’t you hate it when you really like someone, and you fall for em? You can’t stop thinking about them and you realize they’re just not that into you :”(

49.-) Why do I always think of you? You tell me that you like me then you start ignoring me! I don’t like this game because I know I’ll never win the prize, YOU!!

50.-) I think about you all the time, each hour of each day. And lately I’d give anything just to hear you say,”Baby what you doing” or the “Baby, I love you. Imissu”

51.-) I Jus wish i would have never met you.. I fell for u so many times an u basically used me like i was an old tissue 🙁 But we all know Ur jus pathetic get a life

  • 52.-) Wonders why it is harder to hold back the tears than to fake a smile? :’o(
  • 53.-) Wish you felt the same.:(
  • 54.-) They always say follow your heart. I did and I realized I should have listened to my brain.

55.-) I don’t get it. you say you like me one day, we flirt all the time, then you try to be with her… whats going on here? can you just be honest please.. for once

56.-) Its hard knowing that special someone may not think of you as their special someone.

57.-) You’re a stormy night. thunder crashing mystery. full of passion. quiet as a Sunday morning. a change without warning.

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58.-) Why do you have to be so cute and charming and know that I like you but have feelings for someone else?

59.-) I thought you actually cared about me, I thought you loved me, I thought you weren’t like all the other guys. How could I have been so stupid?

60.-) This girl gave u her heart & everything she possibly could & expected u to treat it right.. but u didn’t. U took advantage of everything & just used it!!

61.-) Hate when the boy of your dreams is liking or dating another girl but you are too quiet to say something.

62.-) Yeah, I’ll wait on you. I’ll wait a second, because that’s how long it should take to pick between me or her.

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