70+ Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp – Famous Fake Friends Quotes

There are fake friends everywhere. People always claim to be your friend but rather they may be after something from you. There are so many occasions where we face fake friends in our lives. A fake friend is someone who offers friendship in a deceptive way, that is the simple meaning a fake friend. Fake friends are back stabbers, they do things with the aim to deceive you, they are true to their word. They always use sweet words and are always ready to spread evil about you. A fake friend is worst than an enemy, it is advisable to run from such friends.

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

After getting email from our some of regular viewers, they said us to share Fake Friends Status & after getting this request we told our team to work on it & now today we are going to publish our best & latest whatsapp collection regarding Fake Friends Status, Fake friends Quotes, Fake peoples Quotes, Fake Quotes, Fake People Status, Fake Status, False Friends Quotes, Fake Love Status, Quotes Fake Friends, Fake Best Friend Quotes, we hope that our audience really like below list & can easily update their whatsapp & Facebook status

Most Latest Fake Friend Status – Best Quotes for Fake Friends 

1.-) Thinks its better to know your enemies, than to have fake friends.

2.-) If you have to ask yourself if someone is really your friend, chances are they are not.

3.-) Friends ask you questions; enemies question you.

4.-) Don’t be ashamed of finding out who your fake friends are, be happy for never being one of them.

5.-) Fake friends only want to hang out with you when things are going bad in their life but when things are going good they forget you even existed.

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6.-) It’s sad when you look around and realize how many lying,backstabbing,users and fake people you are surrounded by

  • 7.-) The only wolves we got to fear are the ones wear manskin
  • 8.-) False friends are like your shadow; they follow you in the sun, but leave your side when it gets dark.
  • 9.-) Real friends work out problems n forgive, fake friends just keep the drama going.
  • 10.-) Fake friends are like autumn leaves, they’re scattered everywhere.

11.-) I never thought the friend that I would take a bullet for was holding the gun

12.-) It’s sad how quickly people can forget about you until they want something from you.

13.-) Some men can love forever, some for six years, some for six months, and others for six hours

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

14.-) Has decided to give up on fake friends i prefer my crazy reality it may upset me at times but at least it’s honest and true 🙂

15.-) How do I know you talk behind my back? Your FRIENDS tell me EVERYTHING!

16.-) Fake friends are with you today and against you tomorrow.whatever they say defines them not you

17.-) I try to talk to u every chance I get & get blown off. U only talk to me when there’s nothing better to do. So next time u need me for anything, don’t bother

18.-) Having the courage to tell the truth takes a strong person…to hide behind lies makes you faker than the people that you talk about!

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19.-) My Life is my Life, so stop tryna find everything U feel is wrong with it & fix what’s wrong with Urs, cause while Hating about mine Urs is slowly fading away!!

20.-) When you become successful,you will get many false friends and true enemies.

Top 10 Fake Friends Quotes 

21.-) Success will surely bring back the friends that disappeared during your struggle, but then they will be grouped as fans.

22.-) I hate two faced people. It’s so hard to decide which face to slap first.

23.-) Sayin things behind my back are we? well, I’m glad some1 takes time out of their sorry lives to talk about me; BTW how dose my name taste?

24.-) A fake friend can cause much more damage to you than a real enemy.

25.-) I rather be successful and have enemies than unsuccessful and have fake friends.

26.-) Fake friends are those who only consider and appreciate you at THEIR convenience when THEY want something… but when YOU really want them they’re ‘unavailable’

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

27.-) If you are not going to be a comfort, have the decency to be an empty space.

  • 28.-) One fake friend can do more harm than five enemies.
  • 29.-) A real friend’s got your back, while the fake ones are sticking knives in it.

30.-) TO the ppl that screwed me over: while karma is paying u a visit, I will dazzle u with my success and happiness, sincerely me 🙂

Most Amazing Fake Friends Whatsapp Status – Short Fake Best Friend Quotes

31.-) There are three kinds of friends, true friends, casual friends and then those who only call you friend when they need you or need a favor.

32.-) Facebook needs a “fake-friends” list

33.-) How to spot a fake friend… They only CALL when they WANT something… They only come AROUND when you have something they WANT… ALL about them never about u

34.-) Always sleep with one eye open. Never take anything for granted. Your best friends might just be your enemies.

35.-) Used to think enemies were the worst people in the world, and then i met fake friends and realized they’re a lot worse

36.-) Wow. These are the years you find out who your REAL friends are.

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37.-) I don’t need a bunch of fake friends. It’s much better to have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.

38.-) Sometime’s i used to Imagine my playmate’s Just cause the genuine was a fake now

39.-) You say you don’t like fake people.. But you are as fake as they get.. You say your my friend and then just choose to be when it is convenient for you.. Wow!!

  • 40.-) Everyone have two faces, but mine are twins.
  • 41.-) ” I mean as fake as you are, I’d be miserable, too.”

42.-) Fake friends are like shadows: always near you at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be seen at your darkest hour True friends are like stars, you don’t always see them but they are always there.

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

43.-) Fake people: U smile in my face & talk about me as soon as I turn around.I know who u r so pls dont make an effort to pretend to be my friend cuz I dont need u.

44.-) True friends are friends forever, fake friends are just friends when they need something from you.

45.-) Fake friends are like plastic, if you’re finished using it, you can trash it.

46.-) As time goes by it gets easier and easier to see who is fake and who is real, who is important in your life and who isn’t.

47.-) It’s better to be around strangers than to keep fake friends atleast we don’t expect anything from a stanger.

48.-) Be careful who you open up to because one day when you think you can trust them they turn their back on you because all he wanted is something to gossip about..

49.-) Make an effort with tenacity to make real impact that works and don’t just create an impression with deception

50.-) While you’re talking behind my back, feel free to bend down and kiss my ass.

Famous Fake People Quotes for All – Short Fake Friends Messages

51.-) The more time we spend interconnected via a myriad of devices, the less time we have left to develop true friendships in the real world.

52.-) I don’t have to many friends, but that’s ok. I choice to have it that way, It’s pretty liberating.

53.-) Is through with fake friends and drama. but whats really funny is how i believed you cared, so good bye and may karma come to see you soon.

54.-) He who laughs at your struggles will be the first to bow before you when success finds you. just keep going.

55.-) Those you don’t want to climb will definitely want you to crawl. Be careful who your friends are.

56.-) Friends ask you questions; enemies question you

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57.-) Not everyone is who they make you think they are.

58.-) Don’t worry about those who talk behind your back, they’re behind you for a reason.

  • 59.-) You don’t lose when you lose fake friends. ~Joan Jett~

60.-) An honest enemy is always better than a friend who lies. Pay less attention to what people say and more attention to what they do. Their actions will show you the truth!

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

61.-) Never trust someone easily. You’ll never know they may be allies of your greatest enemy.

62.-) It’s funny how friends forget us when they don’t need any more favors.

63.-) I hate two faced people, it makes it harder for me to decide which side to slap first…

64.-) Best way to keep your secrets from your enemies is to stop telling your friends.

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65.-) It is really hard finding real friends. I’ve learned that fake friends ask you for help when they need you but when you need them they are nowhere in site.

66.-) Someone who smiles too much with you can sometime frown too much with you at your back.

67.-) If you can’t tell your own friend stuff, they are really no friend at all.

68.-) The best way to stand out is to stop trying to fit in. I’d rather be a square than have a circle full of fake friends.

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

Fake Friend Status for Whatsapp

  • 69.-) Cut the shit, be real with me.
  • 70.-) Most people want to see you do better, but not doing better than them
  • 71.-) Fire false friends. They are in to fast-forward your fall and failure.

72.-) Sometimes I wish people were like money so when I put them in the light I know which ones are real.

73.-) if you can’t come see me when you don’t need something don’t come see me when you do!

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