80+ Clever Status for Whatsapp – Famous Clever Quotes

The status reflecting some naughty acts are said to be the clever status. Basically they are referred to the wild thoughts of the people. It can be called as speaking of clever thoughts. You might have seen people with clever thoughts and strange ideas that most of us cannot think normally, they are said to be clever. A status with clever thoughts can be a best piece to express your thinking. To explain something in a clever manner in a status can also be called as a clever status. You might have seen people with stranger status that force you to think about it, they can also be called as clever whatsapp status. They can mostly be in the form of riddles.A few examples of clever status can help you understand the phenomenon.”I can drive you crazy without a driver license” or “better late than never, but never late is better” etc.

Today we are going publish Latest collection of clever status and clever quotes. We hope that you really like below list of status and you can easily put the following Status to your social network i.e. Facebook, whatsapp, viber etc. There is a vast variety of clever status present on the internet for the users. Different people from around the world with wild thinking are the masters to these status.

Most Latest Clever Status and Quotes for Whatsapp

1-) Are you a decision maker ? (-1

2-) Curiosity is much important than necessity when studying languages (-2

3-) Being a brother keeper as a sister go astray (-3

4-) I’m so glad none of my friends are smart enough to find this page! (Alicia Smith) (-4

5-) I can’t be friends with sensitive ass people, I joke around way too much. (-5

  • 6-) I don’t mean to be negative but – (SamGirl Sunday) (-6
  • 7-) Whatsapp: the only book teens read these days. (-7
  • 😎 Life is filled with people who either take too much medication or not enough. (Julie Ann) (-8
  • 9-) You disclose your character when describing another’s (-9
  • 10-) You can kill your attraction to anyone by watching them chew. (-10

11-) I’m that friend you have to explain to people before you introduce me… And apologize for after. (-11

12-) Hot chics make good trophy wives (-12

13-) Don’t you hate it when the person you’re Facebook-stalking never updates anything? (Tom William) (-13

14-) There is no “u” in awesome… But there is a “me”. (-14

15-) I wish my phone never ran out of battery, my fridge never ran out of food and my wallet never ran out of money. (-15

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16-) Live your life and remember to subdue the earth (-16

17-) Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present. (-17

18-) If I don’t talk to myself, who will? (-18

19-) I never make stupid mistakes, only very-very clever ones. (-19

20-) Created to eat what comes on my way (-20

21-) Be V-Pack guys because we are tired of 6 packs (-21

22-) My boss said “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have.” Now I’m sitting in a disciplinary meeting dressed as Batman. (-22

23-) A womb carries three professionals, Doctor, Preacher and a Witchdoctor (-23

  • 24-) Just waiting for a waiter (-24
  • 25-) Every man is a boy but all boys are not men (-25
  • 26-) I surprise surprises (-26
  • 27-) Women can be a good property to own (-27
  • 28-) I only tip cows if their service is outstanding. (Jack Olivar) (-28

29-) I hope that Jessica Biel has a son someday and names him Batmo. (Angie Granheim) (-29

30-) Good Morning: You, my friends are the reason I wake up every morning ♥ LOL JK, I have to pee. (Julie Ann) (-30

31-) I’m pretty sure putting time limits on when breakfast is served is unconstitutional. (-31

32-) hmmm that’s a bit too harsh (-32

33-) Construction is in the hands of a builder (-33

Clever Status for Whatsapp

34-) Does it make you uncomfortable that I wear your profile pic in a locket around my neck? (Toni Daniels) (-34

35-) Never trading truth for friendship (-35

  • 36-) Stop being a China product (-36
  • 37-) Distance sucks…my room is so far from the kitchen. (-37
  • 38-) Never accommodate what is unworthy living for (-38
  • 39-) No matter how nice I ask random people, nobody will take me to Funkytown. (-39

40-) Living without bitterness is the best medicine (-40

41-) The way to be happy is to make someone happy (-41

42-) let me put “lol” at the end of it (-42

43-) No longer uses small letters while talking to you (-43

44-) I’m a nobody, nobody is perfect, therefore I’m perfect. (-44

45-) Love doesn’t show up on an X-ray….but it’s there. (-45

Top 15 Most fresh Clever Status and Quotes for Whatsapp

46-) I don’t think first three letters in diet are accidental. (Mike Seriously) (-46

  • 47-) Studying doesn’t mean all wisdom is stored in me (-47
  • 48-) Today was one of those days where, if I had Tourette’s, no one would’ve noticed the difference. (Danny Coleiro) (-48
  • 49-) I speak my mind. I never mind what I speak. (-49
  • 50-) Long explanation is not effective in blood Group o+ (-50

51-) The next “60’s” are closer than the last “60’s”. (-51

52-) Babysitters are just teenagers who act like adults so adults can go out and act like teenagers. (-52

53-) Its Cute When your Crush’s Crush is You. (-53

54-) Enjoy life today for tomorrow belongs to the owner (-54

Clever Status and Quotes for Whatsapp

55-) Alright. Everybody calm down and quit panicking. I have a ham. (Dorraj Koob) (-55

56-) I wish someone would write a movie about my life. I think “Pretty In Mayonnaise” would be a good title. (SamGirl Sunday) (-56

57-) Bill Gates and I have a combined fortune of around 80 billions of dollars. (-57

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58-) Keep scrolling, I got nothin. (Les Chinyanga) (-58

59-) Standing firm at the door of opportunities (-59

60-) If you have ideas wake up and act (-60

Most Outstanding Clever Quotes and Status

61-) There’s probably an employee at State Farm really named “Jake” who sick of everyone’s jokes. (-61

62-) I hate it when I’m taking a shower and the door opens and they’re all “Get out of my house!” (Jodi Ann) (-62

63-) I am so clever that sometimes I don’t understand a single word of what I am saying. (-63

64-) Do not dry your bones when you are still young (-64

65-) Do not be a judge without a court (-65

66-) I think if a movie is ever made about my life a good title for it would be, “Yes, it’s a mustard stain. So?” (Donny Norris) (-66

  • 67-) I hate that awkward moment when you see a 3rd grader with a better phone than you. (Chris Batchelor) (-67
  • 68-) God made coke. God made pepsi. God made me. Oh so sexy. God made rivers. God made lakes. God made you. Well…we all make mistakes. (-68
  • 69-) You remind me of my Chinese friend…Ug Lee (-69
  • 70-) I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll smoke your joint down… ~ Big bad stoner wolf, probably (Tim TheStache) (-70

71-) Alarm clocks should come with sounds like “tiny doll feet scampering into the closet” because I am not hitting snooze when I hear that. (-71

72-) Diet tip: your pants will never get too tight if you don’t wear any. (-72

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73-) Every problem has solution. The only difficulty is to find it (-73

74-) What is the rule of life? Love it (-74

75-) I can make your girl friend scream louder than you can. – Spider (-75

76-) Create space for your blood to flow (-76

77-) Better late than never, but never late is better. (-77

  • 78-) I have never lowered a pair of mini-blinds evenly, not even one time…How the hell do they expect me to raise these children? (Lee Greenspan) (-78
  • 79-) Dont let your ears witness what your eyes didn’t see…& don’t let your mouth speak what your heart doesn’t feel. (-79
  • 80-) Fools day is always there to some people (-80
  • 81-) No longer waiting for the unborn beauties (-81

82-) Why do I get the feeling that a lot of you are using Facebook as a substitution for prescription meds? (MY STATUS IS BADDEST) (-82

83-) No I didnt trip The floor looked like it needed a hug. (-83

84-) Smart people never get offended. They make conclusions (-84

85-) I’m paying my taxes with a smile, but they wrote me back saying they want cash. (-85

86-) If a book about failures doesn’t sell, is it a success? (-86

87-) Hell is a never-ending Instagram account of a girl who just got a new boyfriend. (-87

88-) Be opportunity maker (-88

89-) I m a humble person, really. I’m actually much greater than I think I am. (-89

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