20+ Ascribed Status for Whatsapp – Famous Ascribed Quotes

Ascribed means to attribute, credit or assign something to an individual or a thing. The word ascribe originated from the Latin word ascribere. Something ascribed to someone is something the individual got not from his or her effort but either from birth or involuntarily. Ascribed status is a position gotten by birth or by social… Read More »

45+ Women Status for Whatsapp – Famous Women Quotes

Women are the creation that are made from the rib of the man. Women Status are very important to make them feel very attractive and as well appreciated. Good Whatsapp Women Status, Facebook Women Status are all over the Internet and most importantly, you will find some of the best Women Status for Whatsapp, Facebook,… Read More »

50+ Eyes Status for Whatsapp – Short Eyes Quotes

Eyes status is the most unique and newest trend on social media specially on whatsapp and facebook status. Just like other status we use on our Whatsapp, Facebook and any other social media platforms. On this site, you will find so many other status but eyes status is most outstanding status for everyone. Eyes status… Read More »

30+ Honeymoon Status for Whatsapp – Famous Honeymoon Quotes

In simple words we can say that a Honeymoon is the most beautiful vacation which we totally spend with our life partner. Usually couple decide the destinations of honeymoon where they can spend most golden time of their life with full of romances and no one can disturb both of them and they always remember… Read More »

75+ Hot Status for Whatsapp – Famous Hot Quotes

Hot status, short hot statuses and hot whatsapp status are all over the Internet. Hot status are either in a romantic context or in the context of an object that has a high temperature that is more than the normal temperature of such an object. But whatever hot status you may need, you will find… Read More »